Slash Dash Ninja

Flick your ninja to move and attack!!
Use ninja tools wisely, and dash through the castle town and
samurai residences!

Archery Islands

All targets are placed on the locations with exotic atmosphere of
tropical resort!
Let's become Robin Hood in tropical resorts, by shooting
all targets!

Beach Flag Paradise

In this game, appearing competitors are all girls!
Win or lose, we realize tight match with four competitors!


You can aim and throw dart easily by
just using one finger!


It's the definitive edition of strange bowling game!
Enjoy the bowling games in strange shaped island!

Jumble Golf

There are more than 150 types of amusing holes.
(Like islands that moves and spins.)
Aim the cup by using 10 various things instead of golf ball!

My Dog My Room2

Let's place the cute furnitures in the room where you
took a picture with the camera,
spend time with your puppy in your favorite room!


Challenge the difficult missions together with guide!
Find and catch the basses, by using guide's apposite advice!

My Cat My Room

Have a nice time with your kitten, such as growing
the flowers in the garden, going to the park to see
other kittens, etc.

Excite Big Fishing 2

The second step of a heated battle with a big fish is coming!
This time, Marlin, tuna and surprisingly shark appear,too!
Many types of big fish appear on the tropical resort stage!

My Dog My Style

The more you get along with your puppy,
the more you can enjoy dressing up your puppy.

My Dog My Room

Let's take a picture of your room and raise the puppy in
your virtual room!
Therefore, you can able to play with your puppy inside
your room anytime.

Bass Fishing 3D
on the Boat

There're ten types of lures to choose!
Seek out the cimate and time, and catch the big bass!

Fly Fishing 3D

The river flow speed and direction are very realistic.
The view is just like as if fly is flowing in a mountain stream.
Read the flow of the river, and win to the fishes' wits!

GT Lure Fishing

You can enjoy catching GT(Giant Trevally),
bluefin trevally, skipjack tuna, and barracuda !

Excite Big Fishing

You can find the shadow of Big Fishes by using the sonar,
aim to the flock of sea birds chasing migratory fishes.
It is your choice to catch those fishes!

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