You can have your own cute kitten, in your own room where you can decorate as you like.

Have a kitten which you like such as
American Shorthair, Siamese,
Scottish Fold, and Persian in the room!
Tap the screen and your kitten will come to you.

Cherish your kitten using your finger to stroke.

By giving a food, brushing, and shampooing.
Your kitten will be more happy and active.

Also, if you take a good care, you will get a lots of coins as a bonus.
You can buy various interiors (such as chair, table, bed, etc.) with coins you got.
Let's enjoy making your own room!
You can grow the flowers in the garden.
If you take care properly, lots of flowers will bloom and your garden will change gradually.

Let's enjoy the good times in your garden!
You can go to the Park and see another puppy and kittens.
Also you can visit to their room too.

There are various ways to play, such as changing the room, resting your kitten on the bed, etc.
Notice:These specifications are for iPhone/iPad.
Title : My Cat My Room
Category(iOS) : Game
Genre(iOS) : Family
Price : Free ***There are some Paid items.
iPhone / iPad

iOS6.0 or later.
Android OS

3.0or later.

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