You can take a picture of your room with the camera and able to play with a puppy anytime in your virtual room in your smartphone.

Take a photo of your home, workplace, neighborhood, parks, etc.
Your pictures will become a great playground for your puppy.
If you tap the screen, your puppy will come near by you.
Also, by using your finger, you can pet your puppy. It'll make him or her happy and more active.
If you take a good care of your puppy, you can get coins as a bonus.
Buy various items such as toys and shampoo by using coins, and continue to take care of your puppy.
You can visit to other puppies' and kittens' rooms by going to the Park.
There are various ways to play, such as changing room into 3D, rest your puppy in the bedroom, etc.
Notice:These specifications are for iPhone/iPad.
Some functions don't included in Android.
Title : My Dog My Room for Free

Price : Free ***There are some pay items.
Android OS

2.3or later.

Title : My Dog My Room

Price : Charge ***There are some Paid items.
Android OS

2.1or later.

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