You can use the picture that you took with the camera as your room.

In your original room, you can enjoy the life with your puppy.
You can set the picture as the background of the room by using camera features.
Then place your favorite furniture and make your own room!
Besides the puppies (such as Labrador Retriever, Dachshund, Shiba Inu,etc) which has arrived in "My Dog My Room", Yorkshire Terrier and Papillon are newly joined!

Each puppy has its own character, please choose a puppy which suits you to take care of it.
Take good care of your puppy such as giving a dog food fully, brushing thoroughly, etc.
If you take a good care, you will get lots of coins!

You can buy various things (such as dog care supplies, dog clothes, furnitures, etc.) with coins you got.
You can go to the Park and meet other puppy friends and visit their room.

Enjoy your life with your puppy such as resting your puppy on the bed, going to the garden and growing the flowers, etc.!
If you fulfill certain conditions, you can get the trophy.
You can check the the trophies on Game Center.
Title : My Dog My Room 2

Price : Free *There are some Paid items.

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